Intra-surgery views 3D model and tomographic sections can be set to automatically follow the position of the surgical drill during implant insertion.

Based on optical live tracking technology, ImplaNav™ has been designed for use in minimally invasive image-guided oral and maxillofacial surgery and dental implantology. Rigid micro assembly serves with live tracking support of the patient’s anatomy using radiopaque markers for Image-to-world registration.

The lightweight polycarbonate hand piece guarantees rigidity and consistency through the tracking procedure. 3D model and tomographic sections automatically follow the position of the surgical drill and support the reference assembly during live tracking.

ImplaNav™ provides an environment for implant surgery planning and a dual solution for improving the accuracy and safety of surgical procedures in combination with automatic drill guide generation and live tracking of surgical instruments.

  • CE Marked
    International Patent Application No: PCT AU2015/050134
    Clinical Trials undertaken by Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Division, DIBINEM, University of Bologna.
  • Functions
    – 3D reconstruction of tomographic data and customised slicing planes
    – Diagnosis and 3D implant surgery planning
    – Full volume interactive intra-surgery navigation
    – Automatic design generation of surgical drill guides
    – ImplaDesigner module for customizing implant library.
  • Clinical applications
    – Piezosurgery
    – Flapless surgery
    – Insertion of angled implants
    – Insertion of implants in atrophic sites
    – Insertion of implants within guided bone regeneration
    – Partial preparation of implant site near sinus membranes
    – Insertion of implants in traumatic sites
    – Insertion of zygomatic implants.

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